The world's
easiest-to-use ventilator.

Designed by RTs for RTs

Enexor Health Systems is excited to offer our easy-to-use, affordable ventilator to hospitals across the world. We have partnered with four of the largest GPO's to offer discount pricing to their members. You don't have to take our word for it, download the spec sheet now.


    Remote Monitoring

    We provide a remote monitoring feature to minimize virus exposure to respiratory therapists and other medical specialists. The VENT-LS can be remotely observed and controlled by a Microsoft Surface tablet, using our remote monitoring software. The tablet is hardwired to the VENT-LS using a standard network cable, to avoid any electrical interference.


    The VENT-LS cart is rugged, lightweight, and can be shipped fully assembled. It is built specifically for the VENT-LS and includes self-locking clips to easily secure the VENT-LS. The modular design allows for easy attachment (mounting) of external devices such as HME's or Nebulizer kits.

    Low-flow Oxygen

    Unlike other ventilators, the VENT-LS can use low-flow oxygen, potentially unlocking thousands of dollars in savings per patient. Clinicians can connect oxygen from a tank, oxygen concentrator, or wall source to treat patients using the VENT-LS.

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    Let’s talk about how the Enexor VENT-LS can enhance your patient care.

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